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About Us

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At-Home Professions is a member of one of the largest distance-learning education institutions in the nation. For over thirty-five years At-Home Professions has trained thousands of students with our programs. We are constantly updating and improving our programs so that our students have the most up-to-date curriculum.

Our Mission

At-Home Professions' mission is to be the leader in work-at-home education.  Our administration, faculty, and staff are committed to training people to work at home in healthcare documentation professions.  AHP offers high quality distance-learning courses and our employees provide exceptional service by focusing on student satisfaction and success.

Our Commitment to You

  • To provide high quality training
  • To provide professional and courteous service
  • To provide instructor assistance
  • To provide accurate and prompt responses
  • To allow you to progress in the course at your own pace
  • To support you and assist you in your career after you graduate

We specialize in teaching to a classroom of one. You will have our undivided attention as you progress through our up-to-date curriculum. At-Home Professions course materials are unique; our experts research and customize your materials so you, our student, will have the most current and complete information.