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Online Medical Billing School — Plus Coding & Transcription — Healthcare Documentation Program:

Medical Billing and CodingThe healthcare industry is growing every year. And qualified clinical record staff, with medical billing, medical coding and medical transcription and editing training are more important than ever. Become a vital part of the healthcare team with training from this leading online medical billing, coding and transcription school. Work in hospitals, doctors' offices, clinics—even work from home with experience.

The At-Home Professions' Healthcare Documentation program will provide the knowledge, Online Medical Billing and Coding Schoolskills and understanding required for a multi-purpose position in the evolving medical documentation career field. This position can be found in a doctor's office, clinics, insurance companies and hospitals.  Specific emphasis is placed on the technology aspect of the front office. This program covers: Procedural Coding, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Transcription, Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Speech Recognition Editing, Medical Terminology, and Electronic Medical Records. Our program teaches you:

  • The language & concepts of health insurance
  • Healthcare Ethics & Legal Issues
  • Processing Medical Bills & Insurance Claim Forms
  • Research and Assigning Medical Codes
  • Organizing & Protecting patient records
  • Transcription of medical reports
  • Speech Recognition Editing
  • Working with electronic medical records

Our Healthcare Documentation Program is now available with Electronic Lesson Books!

Medical Billing and Coding TrainingWith your online medical billing, coding and transcription training from At-Home Professions, you'll have the skills you need for this in-demand career. Choose the online medical billing, coding and transcription course or the mail correspondence version of the course. Self-paced training means you can study anytime, anywhere. No classes to attend, no schedules to keep. Join the thousands of successful graduates from our online medical billing, coding and transcription school, and be ready to work in as little as 7 months. Your new healthcare career is just around the corner.