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Student Support

At AHP, students are our focus. They are what makes us special and their success is our success. That's why we provide timely, professional and dedicated student services from the time you call to inquire all the way through career support after you graduate. Our professional faculty is on hand for your call or email. Get contact information for the right department below, for the answers you need.

Prospective Students:

We can answer any questions you have about our Programs and our school. Call our Admissions Department at 1-877-515-5110.

Current Students:

We'll help you contact your instructor, assist you with billing inquiries and provide any other support you need. Call the school at 1-800-359-3455.


Our experienced graduate support representatives can help you with everything from resume-writing to interview practice and more. Call the school at 1-800-359-3455.

We are here for you!