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The best way to find out about a school is directly from the students. Here are just a few of our many testimonials from students and graduates.

Allyson C., UT
"I am so pleased with the support and availability of my instructors in the At-Home Professions from Weston Distance Learning. They have encouraged, answered questions and laughed with me. This program is well established with avenues for great technical support making it easy for me to meet my goals."

Kaitlyn V., AL
"I have my dream job of working from home...Not only did this program fully prepare me for this position, but it showed me that with initiative and hard work I can achieve anything!"

Nick P., NY
"This course exceeded my expectations...I received excellent guidance, ideas and advice. I found the material to be flawless, and the program excellent. This school stands behind every claim they make. I would highly recommend this institution to anyone who wants to become a healthcare document specialist. You will not be disappointed."

Nazila M., CT
"All my instructors were kind and encouraging and provided valuable feedback from time to time. This course has given me the opportunity to a great career now and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to At-Home Professions for making it all happen. I am very excited and looking forward where my continued education and on the job experience is going to take me!"

Milagros R., PA
"Just want to say thank you for this course. It was beyond my expectations, and I enjoyed every part of it. The tools included in the package are exceptional and I plan to continue using them for practice and to enforce my working knowledge in my future career. I appreciate everyone at At-Home Professions. You have all been very helpful."