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Career Coach Program

We invest in you-up to $400 Value*

After completing your Healthcare Documentation course, our Career Coach Program is an included benefit that will give you one-on-one access to a Career Coach Advisor. Our course and Career Coach Program can prepare you with the skills needed to help you start your new career.

Your success in a new career is our
#1 goal!

  • Online training with a Career Coach Advisor.
  • Develop a professional cover letter and résumé highlighting your education and qualifications.
  • Your Career Starter Guide helps prepare you for your job search.
  • Market yourself with proven interview skills and job search techniques.

Read about the program's requirements and guidelines in the  Career Coach Program Outline.

How it Works**

  1. Students have three years from the date of enrollment to complete their course of study and access the Career Coach Program.
  2. Students must be a graduate of At-Home Professions.
  3. Students must be current in their payments to access the Career Coach Program.

Lesson 1–Prepare for your Job Search

  • Identify and determine how to achieve your goals
  • Explore the job market in your career field
  • How to create a job application spreadsheet
  • Pursue the right jobs
  • Résumé questionnaire

Lesson 2–Showcase your Skills

  • Sculpt your professional image on paper
  • Transferable skills exploration worksheet
  • Action-result statements worksheet
  • Résumé instructions and formatting tips, make your résumé “computer strong”
  • How to create a résumé for web form submission

Lesson 3–Personalize your Introduction
to Employers

  • Interview, negotiate and “seal the deal”
  • Cover letter
  • Letter of Introduction instructions

Questions and Answers

Q: Do we provide job placement?
A: No. Our Career Coach Program walks you through the job search process, but the responsibility and effort involved is your own.

Q: Do we guarantee a set salary?
A: No. Salary varies by career, location, title, hours, responsibilities and more.

*Value depends on graduates’ use of services available to them.

**You have up to three years from your enrollment date to be eligible for Career Coach assistance. Beyond three years from enrollment date, graduates can work with the graduate services department on marketing strategies. If you become late in payments, you will no longer be eligible to work with the Career Coach. The Career Coach Program is not a guarantee or promise of employment.