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Our Academic Leaders


Janet Perry, Vice President of Academics and Compliance
Janet has served adult students in non-traditional education settings for over 20 years. Ms. Perry is dedicated to putting the student first. Her teaching experience includes the pre-college and GED classroom. Learn More...

Jill Bear, Dean of Faculty

Jill Bear, Dean of Faculty
Jill’s passion is to empower students to meet their goals and dreams. She works diligently to provide students with the tools, resources and motivation that will help them achieve success. Learn More...

Leslie Ballentine

Leslie Ballentine, Dean of Curriculum
Leslie Ballentine, Dean of Curriculum, is responsible for all educational content. She has ten years of instructional design experience. Learn More...

Academic Faculty

    At-Home Professions' professional faculty and staff are dedicated to you. We're here to:

  • Bring you quality education
  • Support your learning journey
  • Help you achieve your career goals
  • Serve you during and after your education